New here? What Ibaslogic is all about

Ibaslogic is a web development resource, with special focus on the beginners and the self-starters. We provide our readers with up to date articles and a collection of guides (in the form of series) about specific dev topics.

We also provide all the tips and strategy needed to learn modern web development in a much quicker way.

No technical jargons. Just beginner-friendly articles.

Open Source

The site content (tutorial guides and the source code) is open-source on GitHub and you are welcome to contribute.

Once you make any form of contributions, your name will appear on this page.

Who is Ibas?

Ibaslogic was developed by Ibas Majid, a self-taught web developer, technical writer and an advocate of project-based learning. Ibas teaches JavaScript, React, GraphQL, Gatsby and WordPress theme development. And he has helped companies of different sizes grow their businesses by providing dev solutions.

Ibas is open to freelance Gig. So go ahead and get in touch if you want a responsive website/apps that scale gracefully on all devices or a well-written technical content (articles and eBooks) for your marketing strategy or whatever reasons.

You can also connect with Ibas on Twitter.