New here? What Ibaslogic is all about

Do you want to learn modern web development? Are you tired of reading dev articles that take you nowhere in your dev journey? Or maybe you want project-based articles to enable you fast track your learnings. Then you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll not only learn about the fundamentals, but you’ll also get to know how they are connected to form a real-world solution.

Here is how I can help! Being a self-taught developer, I learned the hard way. Most of the beginners also fall in the common pitfall of learning dev tools and tech in isolation without really understanding how they can connect the dots to build a real-world project. They end up getting tired of the process, making them stop learning. Only for them to revisit the learnings all over again. If not careful, they end up repeating the cycle.

The pit is so deep, so you wouldn’t want to fall in it in the next cycle of learning. That is where Ibaslogic comes in. This site is birth to help aspiring developers by pointing them in the right direction. It is where I share all my learnings, mistakes, tips and strategy that will help you grasp web technologies in no distant time. No technical jargons. Just beginner-friendly articles. That said, make sure you stick around, sign up for free updates and follow us on all social platforms.

Note: The site content (tutorial guides and the site source code) is open-source on GitHub and you are welcome to contribute.

Who is Ibas?

Ibaslogic was designed and developed by Ibas Majid, a self-taught web developer, writer and an advocate of project-based learning. Ibas teaches JavaScript, React, Gatsby and WordPress theme development. And he has helped companies of different sizes grow their businesses by providing dev solutions.

Maybe you want a responsive website/apps that scale gracefully on all devices or a well-written technical content (articles and eBooks) for your marketing strategy or whatever reasons. You can get in touch.

Go ahead and send a message or connect with Ibas on Twitter.