New here? Here is how I can help!

I will show you how to easily grasp web languages, tools and strategy needed to complete a real-world project.

How Ibaslogic Will Help Your Dev Knowledge

Are you finding it hard to complete a real-world web project?

Most beginners do!

They learn web languages/technologies in isolation without having a deeper understanding to apply the knowledge and complete a project.

I learned this the hard way. So don’t get trapped in the common pitfalls. Instead, you should start learning in a project-based method.

And that is where Ibaslogic comes in.

Through easy to follow guides, you’ll learn how to connect the dots (web technologies) and complete a real-world web application.

This way, you will easily see how the dev topics are connected to form a solution. Thus, appreciating what you are learning and of course, retaining the knowledge easily.

This has proven to work best!

So stick around as you take your dev knowledge to another level.

Oh, while you are here, make sure you get my free React Book and start building awesome projects.

Also, I advise you to take a look at these practical guides for a quick start:

Practical Guides to Help You Get Started:

Who is Ibas?

Ibaslogic was designed and developed by Ibas Majid, a self-taught web developer and a writer.

Before building this site with Gatsby, Ibas did not know the requisite tech to complete this project – i.e React, GraphQL, NodeJS and of course GatsbyJS.

He had little knowledge of JavaScript which is also a prerequisite. Back then, he was working majorly on WordPress sites.

His love for Gatsby fast-tracked his dev journey because it served as a turning point for him to learn the “real” web dev. And in no distant time, through project-based learning, he acquired enough knowledge on the subject.

Now, Ibas teaches JavaScript, React, Gatsby and WordPress theme development. And he has helped companies of different sizes launch their production websites/apps.

In this blog, Ibas will be sharing with you all the dev knowledge and strategy he acquired thus far. So make sure you sign up for free updates and follow Ibas around the web.

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